Pre-wedding diet plan

Every groom and bride tries to look their best on their special day. They try everything possible which will make them look better on their wedding day. Wedding day is the most important day in everyone’s life; therefore, many people are trying to follow a pre-wedding diet plan. This is one of the most popular concepts when it comes to your perfect day.

You will find different types of diet plans online, which can be effective and make your day more memorable. If you want to get in shape before your wedding day, you should follow a particular pre-wedding diet plan.

Best Pre-wedding diet plan –

When your wedding date is announced from that day, you should follow a specific diet. Following are some popular pre-wedding diet plans that will help you get in perfect shape.

  • Six months before the wedding –

If you have six or more six months to your wedding, follow this plan.

–          You have to start your morning with green tea and soaked almonds.

–          Your breakfast has to be light, such as idli sambhar, oats with veggies, egg white omelet, orange juice, etc.

–          If you want to eat some snacks, then you should eat peanut salad or sprout salad. For lunch, you can include dal, roti, curd, rice in your diet.

–          In the evening you should eat fruit salad or makhanas.

–          For dinner, you have to eat chicken with mashed potato or roti with dal and sabzi.

This is one of the tremendous pre-wedding nutrition plans which will make you glow on your wedding day.

  • Three months before the wedding –

In case you have only three months, you can do the following:

–          It would help if you started drinking green tea with soaked almond in the morning

–          The breakfast should be light according to your health.

–          You have snacks like yogurt or fruit salad when you’re hungry.

pre-wedding diet

–          At lunch, you can eat dal, sabzi, roti, and rice. Boiled eggs for snacks are the better choice for nutrition.

–          Dinner should be rich in proteins and nutrients such as dal, sabzi, chicken, and salad.

  • One month before the wedding –

This is a crucial part because you will feel different emotions throughout this month. Your bridal chart for this month should be great and rich in nutrients.

–          You have to start your day with green tea with one banana or apple.

–          For breakfast, a banana smoothie with almonds will be great, or you can also eat boiled eggs with veggies.

–          For the snacks, you can eat peanut salad with vegetables. Dal, sabzi, roti, and rice will be better for lunchtime.

–          For dinner, you should eat grilled vegetables with or without chicken. You can also include a bowl of rice and wheat in your feed.

–          All the above diet plans will help you look fabulous and beautiful on your wedding day.