What We’re About

Hi, I’m Freya Barnett; award-winning Great Britain Marriage Celebrant, blogger, vlogger and cheerleader of freedom and integrity in weddings.

After 15+ years experience as a marriage celebrant, I started to notice a painful pattern – my couples were getting more and more (unnecessarily) stressed out.

And it’s always the same problem; while they end up enjoying their incredible wedding day (18 or so hours worth), it’s the 200+ hours of planning 12-18 months prior that really puts a dampener on things.

Many feel overwhelmed, disillusioned and disconnected to their big day (and each other) because of the planning pressure, dodgy wedding vendors and unrealistic expectations.

The good news?

I’ve seen first-hand how couples who have a positive attitude and who seek pro advice have a better wedding planning experience, and ultimately, a more fulfilling wedding day with less regrets.

And with that realisation, Fairly Vintage was created.

I have pulled together a dynamic team of professional and experienced Great Britain suppliers who are committed to making your wedding planning process (yes, all 200+ hours of it!) fun and simple, with MUCH less stress.

I hope you find Fairly Vintage refreshing and honest and that it inspires you a little too.

Let’s do this!
Freya Barnett